Concept of Universality of Management

Universality of Management
Since management is needed in all types and sizes of organization ,at all organizational levels either bottom or top , in all organizational areas- marketing, manufacturing, the people have started showing their genuine interest in improving the way organizations are managed. Organizations that are well managed develops a loyal customer base and increase in revenue whereas the organization that are poorly and carelessly managed finds themselves with a declining customer base and reduced revenue.

With the study of management and achieving broader management knowledge one can easily be able to recognize poor management and work harder to get it corrected. Poor management is most often
due to both inefficiency and ineffectiveness. On the other hand on can also be able to recognize good management and encourage it. In successful organization , high efficiency and effectiveness typically go hand in hand.It does not matter whether we are working as a manager or employee, the things that matter is our presence and interest ,hard work as well interest in achieving organizational goals with full efficiency and effectiveness.
All the activities involved in managing an enterprise are common to all organization whether economic, social or political. The managers however, does all the plannings , organizing in the same way but the way of doing the job may differ, the difference may be due to difference in culture,tradition and history.



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