Management Theories and Practices

Organisational Management

  1. Managers are those person who manages the work of an organization and seeks towards meeting the organizational objective.Management has been described as: 'the process of planning , organizing, leading and controlling the efforts of the members of the organization as well as enterprise resources efficiently and effectively to achieve stated organizational goals'. Although management does not satisfy all the requirements of a profession , it is to a large extent professional in character. A manager's job is to maintain control over the way of an organization does things, to keep close watch on the works being performed inside the organization and at the same time to lead, inspire and direct the people under them.Managers at the top level spend more time in planning and organizing than managers at lower level organization.

  2. In a company the shareholders are the one who have the right to elect a Board of directors to represent their interests. Thereafter a Managing Director will be appointed who has overall responsibility for running the company. The managing director will then appoint senior managers to run the company.The type of managers to be appointed depends on the organizational structure of the company. Each manager in an organization is given an area of responsibility who are responsible for motivating the employees ,creating confidence in them , making them perfect in handling the organizational work with more zeal.

  3. Shareholders are the owners of the company who owns a part of share in the profits of the company. Executive directors are responsible for ongoing decision that are required to be made in the business . On the other hand non-executive directors provide regular advice to the company but are not directly involved in the day-to-day supervision of the company. Directors of the organization are the elected representatives of the company who directs the employees and their leader on how to handle the task and achieve the goal.In order to achieve the organizational goal one should be fair and honest enough in dealing and handling their works.


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