Fundamental Organizational Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Every organization made up of more than one person having different personalities, background, experiences and objectives requires one or the other form of structure . In organization there are different objectives and management has to achieve all the objectives in an efficient and effective manner.The main objective of an organization should be to utilize human resources as well as material resources to the maximum possible advantage.
  2. Every companies are owned by the shareholders and the duties of these shareholders are to choose the directors who can to look after their interest. The directors then appoints the managers who are able to handle the business and run the business on a day-to-day basis. Management through its motivation power and leadership can help individual in developing team spirit, cooperation and commitment to group success.
  3. Every business needs to add to its prospects in the long run, for which it is necessary for the business to grow. To remain in the industry management must exploit fully the growth potential of the organization. Every shows their responsibility towards society as well as the country in order to earn name and fame. Growth of a business in terms of sales volume increase in the number of employees, the number of products or the increase in capital investment.


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