Creative Strategies of Management

Most of the people would disagree , mainly the experts on what skills and practices should be required for basic , financial management. However , all those categories listed below mainly occurs in workshops and seminars based on management skills and practices. All these workshops and seminars mainly on supervision includes wide range of topics.

Categorization of management skills and practices

Management skills and practices has been categorized accordingly :

  1. Designing employees
  2. Employee training
  3. Personnel policies

Every one in the organization must have skills and practices and should be confident in handling each and every task successfully so that the organizational objective to be achieved is fulfilled with complete zeal. There are various functions to be performed inside the organization such as :
  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Staffing
  4. Directing
  5. Controlling
In order to achieve the organizational goal management must follow all these functions with full efficiency. A manager should apply the acquired knowledge in a personalized and skillful manner in the light of the realities of a given situation. A manager should be involved in the activities of the organization, should study critical situations and formulate his own theories for use in a given situation which gives rise to different styles of management.


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