Creation of An Ethical Culture

The strength of an organization culture influences its ethical climate and ethical behavior of its member.A strong organizational will exert more influence on employees than a weak one. If the culture is strong and supports high ethical standards ,it should have a very powerful and positive influence on employees behavior.An organizational culture most likely to shape high ethical standards is one thats high in risk tolerance and focuses on means as well as outcomes.One should also provide protective mechanisms so that employees can discuss ethical dilemmas and report unethical behavior without fear.

Culture is transmitted to employees in a number of ways which includes stories, language and rituals. Managers must provide ethical leadership. Its also important that managers assure employees who raise ethical concerns or issues to others inside or outside the organization that they will face no personal or career risks. Visibly reward ethical acts and punish unethical ones.Ethics code should also be developed and then communicated regularly to employees and also all the levels of managers should continually reaffirm the importance of the ethics code.Ethics education is being widely emphasized in college curriculum's.Organizations themselves are taking more active role in creating and using code of ethics ,providing ethics,training programs and hiring ethics officers.


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