Ethical Aspects of Management

Ethical Aspects of Management
The term management has several different connotations that highlight the different aspects of its nature. The study of management has evolved over a period of time along with the modern organizations based on both the experience and practice of managers and a set of theoretical relationships. Over a period of time it has grown into a dynamic subject with its own special characteristics.
Ethics which means rules and principles defining right and wrong conduct are basic truths or guidelines for the behavior. The management at all levels , in all areas , in all sizes , and in al
l kinds of organization will have to face ethical issues and dilemmas.As the managers plan, organize, lead and control they must consider each and every ethical dimensions.If an organization want its employees to uphold high ethical standards , the performance appraisal process should also include this dimension.Ethical reasoning at the conventional level indicates that moral values reside in maintaining expected standards and living up to the expectation of others.
Managers can do number of things in improving ethical behavior and reducing unethical behavior. They can seek to hire individuals with high ethical standards as well as code of ethics.There are no guarantees that a well designed ethics program will lead to the desired outcome.Sometimes corporate ethics program can be little more than public relations gestures, having minimal influence on managers and employees.


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