Ways of Managing Productivity

Ways of Managing Productivity

By productivity, we mean the overall output of goods or services produced divided by the inputs needed to generate that output i.e; the efficiency with which things are produced.Each and every country should have high productivity as it can lead to economic growth and development.High productivity can also help employees in receiving higher wages and even company's profits can increase causing inflation.Also in order to improve the productivity , managers must focus on both the variables i.e; people variable and operation variable.

The basic aim of any business is survival.Therefore, in order to survive an organization must earn enough revenues to cover costs as well as raise its productivity. Productivity is a composite of both people and operation variables.There are various ways through which management productivity can be improved such as encouraging departments to work closely together rather than to concentrate on departmental or divisional distinctions, raising the qualities of line supervisors as well as establishing statistical control over the production processes and requirements by the suppliers to do so as well .Management should always deal with best and fewest number of suppliers in order to raise its productivity.


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