Strategic Role of Operations Management and its Importance

Strategic Role of Operations Management and its Importance

Operations management refers to the design, operation and control of the transformation process that converts such resources as labour and raw materials into goods and services that are sold to customers.And just as every organization produces something ,every unit in an organization also produces something.Today, every successful organization recognize the crucial role that operations management plays as part of the overall organizational strategy to establish and maintain global leadership.The strategic role that operations management plays in successful organizational performance can be seen as more organizations move towards managing their operations from a value chain perspective which means the entire series of organizational work activities that add value at each step beginning with the processing of raw materials and ending with the finished product.

There are various reasons which makes operations management important.It encompasses both services and manufacturing, its important in effectively and efficiently managing the productivity as every organization should have high productivity which can lead to economic growth and development and help employees in receiving high wages as well as lead to increase in company's profit without causing inflation. Operations management is also important as it plays a strategic role in an organization's competitive success.


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