Importance of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management has replaced the traditional concept of labour welfare and personnel management. The organization recognize that all managers must engage in some human resource management activities,even in large ones that have a separate Human Resource Management department.Human Resource Management is an important strategic tool.It helps in establishing an organization's sustainable competitive advantage.Therefore an organization's human resource can be a significant source of competitive advantage.Human Resource Management in its present form has evolved from a number of significant interrelated developments,which date back to the era of industrial revolution.Achieving competitive success through people requires a fundamental change in how managers think about their employees and how they view the work relationship.It involves working with and through people and seeing them as partners,not just as costs to be minimized or avoided.

Human relations approach recognizes human factor as the most important instrument of success in an organization.Fast changing technological developments however, necessitated new skill development and training of employees. Increase in scope of the work lead to replacement of personnel manager with Human Resource Management.High performance work practices lead to both high individual and high organizational performance.The common thread in these practices seems to be a commitment to improving the knowledge,skills and abilities of an organization's employees,increasing their motivation and enhancing the retention of quality employees while encouraging low performers to leave.Whether an organization chooses to implement high performance work practices or not, there are certain Human Resource Management activities that must be completed in order to ensure that the organization has qualified people to perform the work that needs to be done activities that comprise the Human Resource Management process.


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