Concept of Principles of Management

Concept of Principles of Management

A managerial principle is a broad and general guideline for decision making and behavior.For example while deciding about promotion of an employee one manager may consider seniority,whereas the other may follow the principle of merit.One may distinguish principle of management from those of pure science.Management principles are not as rigid as principles of pure science.They deal with human behavior and thus,are to be applied creatively given the demands of the situation.Human behavior is never static and so also technology,which affects the business.Hence all the principles have to keep pace with these changes.In developing and understanding the meaning of the principles of management ,it is also useful to know what these are not.
The principles of management should be distinguished from techniques of management.Techniques are procedures or methods,which involves a series of steps to be taken to accomplish desired goals.Principles are guidelines to take decisions or actions while practicing techniques.Likewise,principles of management should also be understood as being distinct from values which are something acceptable or desirable.However,while practicing principles of management values cannot be neglected,as businesses have to fulfill social and ethical responsibilities towards society. Principles are general propositions, which are applicable when certain conditions are present.


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