Concept of Human Resource Management

Concept of Human Resource Management

It is a function which all managers need to perform. It is a separate and specialized function and there are many aspects of human relations to be considered.Managing the human component of an organization is the most important task because the performance of an organization depends upon how well this function is performed. The success of an organization in achieving its goal is determined to a great extent on the competence,motivation and performance of its human resources. If an organization doesn't take its Human Resource Management responsibilities seriously ,work performance and goal accomplishment may suffer. The quality of an organization, is to a large degree, merely the sum of the quality of the people it hires and keeps.Getting and keeping competent employees are critical to success of every organization whether the organization is just starting or has been in business for years.Therefore the part of every managers job in the organizing function is Human Resource Management.

It is the responsibility of all the managers to directly deal with and select people to work for the organization.But as organization grow and number of persons employed increases,a separate department called the Human Resource Department is formed which has specialists in managing people.The management of human resource is a specialized and size of this department gives an indication of the size of the business


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